Skis Cheap is a business that grew out a family passion for skiing. People ask “How did you get into this business”? I tell them: I have a Son and his wife that lives in Salt lake City. To help pay for my Utah skis trips, I buy bulk purchases of high end used equipment. I transport the equipment back to Greensburg, PA to resell. The skis from out West are great on the bottoms “ They ski on snow in Utah not rocks.”

The first year I bought back to Greensburg, PA 6 pairs of skis and immediately resold them. The next year I drove back 60 pairs back in a 1985 Buick. I then started selling boots and then poles. One year, followed by the next and after 10 years of being in the business, we sell about 300 sets/year.

The Skis Cheap equipment is in great condition. The cost of the Skis Cheap equipment is usually priced at a third of the new equipment. This makes it very affordable for families to ski. Most of the equipment is made by Rossignol, but there are other brands. The equipment is rented to the upper clientele in Ten resorts in Utah, Colorado and California. They use the equipment for a few years then I buy it for resell it. The Skis Cheap equipment are all edged and waxed.